Pépé's art competition  


Bonjour les petites artistes!

Schools out and it’s got to be rough trying to keep those little minds occupied while we self isolate. So here’s something to get those creative juices flowing.



We are taking submissions of drawings from your little artists and in two weeks we will choose our favourite and the winner will receive a £100 voucher and 5 art prints! SACRe bleu!

What you need to do!
Download Pépé's canvas and once your masterpiece is finished, post and submit your entry to hello@wexbaby.co.uk and if you want post and tag your art piece using #wexbabylittleartist 

good luck! 

Ideas include: 
Your family 
Your favourite animal 
An imaginary pet 
A scary monster 
An underwater creature 
Your house

also- if you don’t fancy entering the competition with your own drawings feel free to print off our wexbaby art pack below!