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Updated: Sep 12, 2018

It’s hard for me to put into words how much I love going home and yet I felt it just wasn’t sufficient to show you on an Instagram story. I used to go back to France to see my family at least three times a year. As difficult as home life in England was, both our Foster parents and our biological family in France strived tirelessly to ensure that we had some consistency, and that took shape in regular holidays. We’d ski, we’d swim in the ocean, we’d walk in the woods and play in the garden. 

We’d be children, something almost snatched away from us by our circumstances. 

Adult life has been, like it is for most people, stressful. WEXBABY occupies most of my life now and Sally who works and attends university full time struggles to get any breaks. So the usual three times a year, fizzled into two, and then one, until we hadn’t been back since Christmas 2015. 

Both of us missed it in so many ways. Not just our wonderful relatives, but the smell and the taste. That feeling you get when you walk through a front door and kick your shoes off and feel a sigh of comfortable familiarity. 

This time we each brought along our partners to meet everyone and of course they were a smash hit, our good taste isn’t purely in children’s wear apparently. 😉 

Here are some photos from the trip and a deeper more intimate look at what inspires us every day to create a brand that encompasses just how much France means to us both as a business but as the children we were when we needed it the most.

Bisous, Ettie and Sally

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