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Have a boule tracksuit (FREE BAG WITH TRACKSUIT)

Boules games have a very long history, dating back through the Middle Ages to ancient Rome, and before that to ancient Greece and Egypt. Pétanque, the French version- holds a special place in our personal history. Nothing sparks memories of our family for us quite like the sight of a shiny silver boule hurling aimlessly towards the elusive “cochonette” (the little ball). Our Pepe even has a little magnet on a string so he doesn’t have to bend to pick his balls up. Our pétanque club range isn’t just adorable but it’s very special to us. We wish global circumstances meant we could make millions of these but at the moment, limited stock means it’s super exclusive so please order as quickly as you can because once they are gone, they are gone.

Have a boule tracksuit (FREE BAG WITH TRACKSUIT)


    Outside Leg    Waist       Inside Leg
    6-12 Months    46 cm    18 cm    29 cm
    1-2 yrs                49 cm    19 cm    34 cm
    2-3 yrs               54 cm    20 cm    38 cm
    3-4 yrs              60 cm    21 cm    42 cm
    4-5 yrs              63 cm    22 cm    44 cm
    5-6 yrs              68 cm    22 1/2 cm    47 cm

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