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Wexbaby & The Fostering Network 


At the ages of seven and nine, My sister and I were taken into Foster Care after our Mother, who suffered from addiction found herself unable to care for us properly. After being passed back and forth between social services and our Mum, we were eventually raised by our Foster parents full time. We were lucky enough to be put with a couple who loved us so much that they went from being emergency short term foster carers to life long parents, ensuring that my sister and I grew up together in a stable and loving environment. 

Even though we lost the opportunity to grow up with our biological parents, we have been able to live a very "normal" life. With both of us finishing school and having Universities degrees, I now have a successful childrens brand that celebrates both our childlike imagination and our French heritage, something we would have lost forever were it not for our foster-parents determination to maintain ties with our biological grandparents in France. 

Unfortunately, other children who find themselves taken into the care system are not as lucky. A huge shortage of Foster carers results in kids being constantly moved a lot and split up from their siblings. Children with such unsettled home lives are often overlooked and miss out on opportunities.


By treating yourselves to products from our collection,  you are supporting The Fostering Network who work tirelessly to ensure all children in the care system experience stable family life. After we proudly collaborated with the Fostering Network team last Christmas, we want to continue to support them and the +64,000 children who currently find themselves living in Foster homes by donating 20% of sales to them. 

If you wish to donate further to The Fostering Network please see the Donate button below!


For more information on The Fostering Network and their amazing work, please visit -

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