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How your order is made


Step one

My sister and I start the ball rolling by throwing ourselves into research. We sit for hours discussing our childhood and telling favourite family anecdotes about growing up and every so often, an idea will start to blossom from our chit chat. On average Sally draws around twenty drafts per design until what was once a vague seed of thought becomes an exact replica of what we envisioned. If we land on a slogan: our cousin Ingrid who is a French primary school teacher, will write it out for us in her quaint Parisian scrawl. Nothing we produce is computer generated or photoshopped and is all individually hand drawn. We want you to have a genuine piece of art.

Step two

As soon as we hear the ding! of an order being placed, it’s straight to work. We individually produce and pick each piece of vinyl by hand. This is incredibly time consuming and isn’t particularly cost effective- but it’s SO worth it for the quality and end product. This way we ensure every single piece is completely unique to you.

Step three

Time to print! After sourcing the best quality fabrics for your item, we place the design on by hand and print using an enormous heat press otherwise known as “The Beast”. This traditional method, as long-winded as it may seem, ensures we have 100% quality control of our stock and we can inspect each individual item ourselves as we go.

Step four

Once your beautiful piece has cooled down, it’s given a final once over and lovingly packed up ready to be shipped. We often include a little freebie as a welcome to the Wex family. We really love receiving feedback and we especially love being tagged on social media. We use a lot of customer posts on our own pages. Who better to model our garbs than your beautiful babies?

Step five


Your Wexbaby order is ready to be sent to its new home!
Hand drawn, hand printed right here in England by us French sisters! 

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